Colonial Potter

While I was working today a pot I was making nearly cracked because it was drying too quickly. I had to take a small break because my foot started to hurt from peddling so long. I almost forgot to use the wire to pick the plate I was making up. I decided not to use my pottery wheel today and used my thumbs instead. Today as I was about to bring my pottery in to dry, I saw an Indian.I was about to make a kiln when I realized I already had one. I made a brilliant design today using only a stick. I ran out of clay today so I had to dig up more. Today I almost forgot to sgraffito. I almost lost my slip cup and I almost couldn’t paint. I almost couldn’t find any feldspar to use for my work.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Roger Williams?

The leader and founder of Rhode Island for religious dissidents.

Banished from Massachusetts and moved to what is now Providence, Rhode Island.

Wanted to make a democratic land association.

The founder of the first Baptist Church in America.

The editor of the first dictionary with Native American language.

Lived with the local natives.

A nondenominational christian looking for spiritual truth.

A separatist

Intended to be a missionary

A pastor

That is Roger Williams.

The Halloween Mystery

One Halloween night a trick-or-treater was lost, no one knows what happened to them. The next night there was a blood moon and everyone stayed inside. But in the zombie world one zombie was determined to find her. The parents of the girl found her phone and looked at her last location. The zombie and his best ghost friend went looking for the girl. They went to everyone’s house and the ghost looked around. In one house they heard something suspicious. It was a girl! The zombie waits outside while the ghost goes in. The ghost comes out telling the zombie the girl is there! The zombie and the ghost go to a telephone booth and disguise their voices like a human’s voice. The zombie said ” We have found the girl on 1313 Autumn St.” Soon the authorities arrived and arrested the kidnapper. The girl’s family came to get her and had a happy life, the end.


I went to the football game with my friends and we had a lot of fun together. The best part about the game is that we won! The next day there was a homecoming parade and  I watched that too. I enjoyed it because I knew a few people in the parade, also because I got a lot of candy. Last homecoming I was in 2nd grade so I don’t really remember it. To me homecoming is special because normally you see pretty much everyone you know and your with friends and family the whole time you celebrate and to me that’s pretty special.

yours truly,


9/11 Reflection

I learned that two planes crashed into the world trade center in New York, another into the Pentagon, and one last one into a Pennsylvania field. I also learned that it was a very sad day in history, and it was heartbreaking for everyone. I feel that the actions of the hijackers that day were very unnecessary, and they had no heart. After that day thousands of innocent lives were taken. You may be able to knock the U.S.A down, but we’ll get back up again.

Yours truly,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kara


Pumpkin Patch

There was once a pumpkin patch with different shaped an sized orange pumpkins.Some were oval shaped some flat.Behind all these pumpkins was a red cottage.It was very sunny that day,and the sun was very bright.Some pumpkins were small some pumpkins were tall.